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Biechonski, S., Olender, L., Zipin-roitman, A., Yassin, M., Aqaqe, N., Marcu-malina, V., Rall-scharpf, M., Trottier, M., Meyn, M.S., Wiesmüller, L., Beider, K., Raz, Y., Grisaru, D., Nagler, A., Milyavsky, M., 2018. Attenuated DNA damage responses and increased apoptosis characterize human hematopoietic stem cells exposed to irradiation. Sci. Rep 1–13

Biechonski, S., Gourevich, D., Rall, M., Aqaqe, N., Yassin, M., Zipin-Roitman, A., Trakhtenbrot, L., Olender, L., Raz, Y., Jaffa, A.J., Grisaru, D., Wiesmuller, L., Elad, D., Milyavsky, M., 2017. Quercetin alters the DNA damage response in human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells via TopoII- and PI3K-dependent mechanisms synergizing in leukemogenic rearrangements. Int. J. Cancer 140, 864–876.

Zipin-Roitman, A., Aqaqe, N., Yassin, M., Biechonski, S., Amer, M., van Delft, M.F., Gan, O.I., McDermott, S.P., Buzina, A., Ketela, T., Shlush, L., Xie, S., Voisin, V., Moffat, J., Minden, M.D., Dick, J.E., Milyavsky, M., 2017. SMYD2 lysine methyltransferase regulates leukemia cell growth and regeneration after genotoxic stress. Oncotarget 8.

Louria-Hayon, I., Frelin, C., Ruston, J., Gish, G., Jin, J., Kofler, M.M., Lambert, J.-P., Adissu, H.A., Milyavsky, M., Herrington, R., Minden, M.D., Dick, J.E., Gingras, A.-C., Iscove, N.N., Pawson, T., 2013. Lnk adaptor suppresses radiation resistance and radiation-induced B-cell malignancies by inhibiting IL-11 signaling. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 110, 20599–20604.


Chan, G., Cheung, L.S., Yang, W., Milyavsky, M., Sanders, A.D., Gu, S., Hong, W.X., Liu, A.X., Wang, X., Barbara, M., Sharma, T., Gavin, J., Kutok, J.L., Iscove, N.N., Shannon, K.M., Dick, J.E., Neel, B.G., Braun, B.S., 2011. Essential role for Ptpn11 in survival of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. Blood 117, 4253–4261.

Milyavsky, M., Gan, O.I., Trottier, M., Komosa, M., Tabach, O., Notta, F., Lechman, E., Hermans, K.G., Eppert, K., Konovalova, Z., Ornatsky, O., Domany, E., Meyn, M.S., Dick, J.E., 2008. Article A Distinctive DNA Damage Response in Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells Reveals an Apoptosis-Independent Role for p53 in Self-Renewal. Cell Stem Cell 7, 186–197.


Milyavsky, M., Shats, I., Cholostoy, A., Brosh, R., Buganim, Y., Weisz, L., Kogan, I., Cohen, M., Shatz, M., Madar, S., Kalo, E., Goldfinger, N., Yuan, J., Ron, S., Mackenzie, K., Eden, A., Rotter, V., 2007. Article Inactivation of Myocardin and p16 during Malignant Transformation Contributes to a Differentiation Defect. Cancer Cell 133–146.

Milyavsky, M., Tabach, Y., Shats, I., Erez, N., Cohen, Y., Tang, X., Kalis, M., Kogan, I., Buganim, Y., Goldfinger, N., Ginsberg, D., Harris, C.C., Domany, E., Rotter, V., 2005. Transcriptional Programs following Genetic Alterations in p53 , INK4A , and H-Ras Genes along Defined Stages of Malignant Transformation. Cancer Res. 65, 4530–4544.

Phenotype, P., Milyavsky, M., Shats, I., Erez, N., Tang, X., Senderovich, S., Meerson, A., Tabach, Y., Goldfinger, N., Ginsberg, D., Harris, C.C., Rotter, V., 2003. Prolonged Culture of Telomerase-Immortalized Human Fibroblasts Leads to a. Cancer Res. 63, 7147–7157.


Milyavsky, M., Mimran, A., Senderovich, S., Zurer, I., Erez, N., Shats, I., Goldfinger, N., Cohen, I., Rotter, V., 2001. Activation of p53 protein by telomeric (TTAGGG)n repeats. Nucleic Acids Res. 29, 5207–15.


Biechonski, S., Yassin, M., & Milyavsky, M. (2017). DNA-damage response in hematopoietic stem cells: an evolutionary trade-off between blood regeneration and leukemia suppression. Carcinogenesis, 38(4), 367-377.‏

Milyavsky, M., Gole, B., & Wiesmüller, L. (2015). Replication stress in MLL-rearrangements. Oncoscience, 2(12), 938.‏

Biechonski, S., and M. Milyavsky. 2013. Differences between Human and Rodent DNA-Damage Response in Hematopoietic Stem Cells: at the Crossroads of Self-Renewal, Aging and Leukemogenesis. Translational Cancer Research 2 (6):372-383

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